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What is Cow Heaven?

Cows like to live where the air is clean, the weather is not too hot nor too cold, where there is plenty of new grass and clover (that takes lots of gentle rain), where there are gentle breezes and few noises from man's big machines.  Aaaaaaah, now that is cow heaven on earth!

Cow Heaven Describes Wonderful Places for People Too!
That not only describes cow heaven -- actually it sort of describes heavenly places for humans to live too.  And it perfectly describes Loleta, a village in the center of Humboldt County, California.
Humboldt! -- Loleta! -- Cow Heaven?

The Loleta Cheese Factory has a herd of very happy cows right in the center of Loleta's cow heaven.  We are all about cheese -- Loleta Cheese, the magical Food, It goes with Everything, and Always Good Cheese the way mother nature intended!

Loleta Cheese, The Magical Food. It Goes With Everything, And Always Good.

Think about it. Cheese is one of the most versatile foods we use today. For meals, snacks, entertaining, and cooking . . . there's nothing as good as Real California Cheese. And please pardon our pride if we say there is nothing as good as Loleta Cheese!

Cow Heaven Photo - out to pasture


Why Loleta Cheese Is So Good . . .and So Good For You!

This Place Is "Udder" Utopia! Loleta Cheese Factory is blessed to be in the midst of the finest dairy land in America. In plain English, it's "Cow Heaven".

The dark soils of the Eel River Valley in Humboldt County, Northern California, are nutrient-laden, and our pastures are smothered with sweet natural grasses rich in vitamins and minerals. Add a gentle climate bathed by warm rains from the nearby Pacific Ocean, and . . . voilá! Humboldt County lavish pasture lands are the perfect place for making premium Real California Cheese.


Read the Discovery Channels review of a scientific study on how animals display joy. Click below to read:

-"Happy Cows jump for Joy"


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